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Sent: Tue, Apr 30, 2013 1:45 am
        Box, I acquired several copies of the book & passed them out to friends who enjoyed the read, but seemed to think that you were a “tad” cocky & bragged a lot on yourself, to which I replied “IT ISN’T BRAGGING IF YOU CAN DO IT” & you could definitely do it ! ! ! Once the distinction between fact & fiction was made & understood the reader has this pleasant sense of, when is the other shoe going to drop i e how does the child fit in. I think a few more snippets / references to the mystery child should have been made along the way & not “all” saved to the very end. Overall you created an interesting scenario & handled it very well. As far as the “facts” go, you can’t argue with them as I can attest to & it was definitely one heck of an adventure.


        To say I enjoyed the read is an understatement, I relived 12 months in South East Asia. I wish that Conrad & Brother Dave (Gordon) could have read it also. The book was an honest depiction of what actually went on & embellished what didn’t make the book. Like what ! ! ! —————— “ Hey Conrad / Brother Dave we had better get on over to the officer’s club & sit on that little shit before he alienates all those other crews by telling them they aren’t as good as Crew # 1″. By the way we all thought you were as good as you thought you were. Conrad / Brother Dave & I logged a lot of time bass fishing together over in one of our many swamps & you can bet we talked about you a lot.


        I remember one flight when the bad guys were really watering our eyes & we were herking & jerking all over the sky. I looked over @ you & you took off your brain bucket & reached into your helmet bag & got your BAR MITZVAH beany & put it on under your helmet. I thought OH s–t, The Box is getting ready to meet his maker ! ! ! I don’t know if this incident was on that flight or a similar one, but I looked over @ Brother Dave & he had a lit cigarette in his mouth, another lit cigarette in his hand & a third lit cigarette in the ash tray, “Hey Brother Dave got a cigarette?” !


Stay out of harm’s way,


                    Hat Trique