ARGO Review

This past weekend, my wife and I viewed the movie, Argo. This movie was well written, directed and acted. I believe it to be a fairly accurate representation of what really occurred. It was painful for me to relive those years because our great country was so humiliated. The fact is that we tolerated a literal act of war against our diplomats and our country. I personally believe that such a weak response led directly and eventually to the events which occurred on 9/11 three decades later.
I personally was involved in the aborted rescue attempt of the hostages held by Iran for more than a year and which ended upon the inauguration of Pres. Reagan on January 20, 1981. Although my book, Ghostrider in the Sky, is a work of fiction, the section dealing with this part of American history is absolutely true. This book will give the reader an absolutely true overview of that tragic attempt to save our hostages.
In the movie, the CIA agent’s attempt to save six refugees from capture by the Iranian authorities is almost aborted because the rescue attempt was to occur shortly. The movie makes only one quick reference to that attempt. What actually happened was that President Carter, against military advice, delayed that attempt for another three or four month. He also ordered that rescue attempt of the six to be terminated. It was only the brave action of that CIA agent who refused to follow that order because it was morally reprehensible which allowed that successful raid to occur.
Much of the history of that period was classified. This was done not to preserve national secrets, but to protect the politicians, the orders they gave and the unintended consequences of what those orders wrought. My book will shed at least some light upon that period of time.